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As Yet and Still to Come, Tiger Strikes Asteroid Los Angeles

June 3rd - June 25th, 2023


As Yet and Still to Come brings together four artists whose work exists between the past and the present, the earthen and the spiritual, and the personal and the collective. Ancestral ephemera, practices, and memories are the materials through which these artists imagine and reclaim their own identities. Challenging linear notions of space and time, the artists in the exhibition build diasporic visual languages that give shape to the complexities of living among and in-between many histories, cultures, and landscapes. The work in As Yet and Still to Come is layered in its meanings, inviting sustained engagement with artists grounded in their multiplicity.

Featuring Liz Hernández, Maddy Inez Leeser, Tracy Ren, and Yike Zhang

Visit the exhibition page here

Read an exhibition review, published on Hyperallergic, here


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